Practice areas at the Baird Law Office include:

Commercial Real Estate Law, including:
•  Commercial purchase and sale transactions
•  Commercial leases, representing landlords and tenants
•  Agricultural leases
•  Development agreements
•  Easements
•  Escrow agreements
•  Commercial property management agreements
•  Commercial title report review and analysis
•  Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions (CC&Rs)
•  Land sale contracts
•  Assignment and Assumption Agreements
•  Option Agreements
•  Loan Agreements
•  Promissory Notes
•  Deeds of Trust
•  Guarantees
•  Assignment of Leases and Licenses

Business and Corporate Law, including:
•  Limited liability company (LLC) formation and registration
•  Assignment and Assumption Agreements

Land Use Law, including:
•  Zoning and plan review and analyses
•  Lot line adjustments
•  Boundary line agreements
•  Land use applications